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F&Bs: 10:00 A.M – 01:00 A.M.

Tchibo Prozente

Over the years Tchibo has established itself as a household name in Germany, with more than two thousand stores and sixty six thousand retail points around the world. It is now making waves all over Europe, with a loyal following comprising millions of satisfied customers in Germany, Austria, United kingdom, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic,Turkey and others.

From its humble beginnings as a coffee mail-order firm, Tchibo expanded from just coffee to coffee machines and other kitchen items in just a few years. Today, it is synonymous with enjoyment and lifestyle, offering a myriad of products for all, from kitchenware to camping, lingerie to laptops.

Tchibo Prozente offers much more than affordability and variety, it offers that brilliant element of surprise. With its ever changing weekly collection and limited quantities, Tchibo Prozente creates a need to come into the store, to discover and to explore its aisles time and again. The Tchibo model has been instrumental in building buzz around the store, successfully drawing in customers to its doors, and keeping them coming back for more.

Each week, as new stock arrives, lines of eager shoppers line up outside every Tchibo Prozente, ready to make a dash for the latest treasure Tchibo Prozente has in store, each time in hopes of landing a unique piece before it is sold out.

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