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Special Offers


sale 25 % - 75%


Hardee's Super Value Lunch

Hardee's super value lunch
Enjoy our super value lunch on weekdays starting 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Get 1 sandwich + fries + drinks + dessert for DHS 15 only.
*offer not valid on weekends or public holidays
*offer available from selected menu

Love Comes in Pairs

They say love comes in pairs.

Celebrate love at Grand Optics this Valentine's Day and get 50% off on your second pair.

Bath & Body Works

Buy two get 1 free on new Collection ( signature ) / Buy three get 1 free on all items.

Giordano Junior

Bundle offers / buy 1 get 1 free on selected items.


Special offer up to 75% discount.


50% Off.

Big Mac & Chicken Mac

Buy Big Mac Or Chicken Mac from McDonald's For AED 18 Each Regular Value Meal & For a Limited Time Only!
Pick if you can!


Almost free deals on fire AED 5 onwards.


Special Offer Purchase 800 AED get one perfume free.

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